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  • Ways Training Can Help Employees Be Good Leaders

    In this era, employees are keen about the growth and development in a professional and personal capacity. When the organization provides them with the opportunities to grow and develop them, they become active in learning and turning in good quality-work.

    The productivity of the employees depends on the satisfaction level they have with their work and personal growth. Regular grooming is the must have for the employees and training programs are one way to do that.


    Ways training programs enhance the leadership potential among employees to make them good leaders


    Leadership beyond position:

    Leadership is that one quality that is not relying on having a top position but instead taking the personal responsibility of their work and helps others perform well can also be categorized as leadership. When you are developing the training programs then including this aspect is a must thing.

    If you are not into content development, then you can always take professional assistance from the experts. For example, if you are scheduling a training program in UAE on helping employees be good leaders, then you can take help from professional leadership training in Dubai because their skill and professionalism will serve your need.

    This article is going to share some ways training programs can help employees become good leaders.

    Ways training enhance the leadership potential among employees:

    When you have a workforce which is an independent leader, then the growth of the business is inevitable. While devising training courses keeping in mind the perspective of the employees because once they have rich skills, then they will be able to perform better. There is nothing better than having a team who has leadership skills and potential.

    Following are some of the ways leadership training can actually benefit both employees and employers:

    Better networking:

    When an employee is trained for leadership skills, then they will be able to network in a better way. Encouraging the team to start networking during the lunch-hours and even in the team building sessions can result in a positive work environment. It will also give a stronger edge to the company in the market.

    Mentor the fellow employees:

    When the training program is focused on leadership, then the team members will have a better understanding that just giving orders is not all of the leadership. Helping people do better and assisting someone is also a form of leadership. Employees will also advance their skills when they are shared with peers.  

    Provide regular feedback:

    This is another way leadership skills can be developed effectively, and employees can become good leaders. A performance review can help them stay productive and improve their lacking. Constructive feedback can actually increase the level of communication and relationship between the team and management.

    Parting notes!

    Often people think that leadership is inherent, but it is one of those skills which can be acquired with proper training. If you want employees to be leaders in their own, then offer them the right leadership training programs with robust content.  

    On that, if you need any sort of assistance for your schedule in UAE then look out for the best leadership training in Dubai to give your team once in a lifetime type of experience. Good Luck!


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  • How To Improve Induction Training For Employees

    Recall your first day at your workplace; what are your feelings about it? No doubt, it just start as a relationship such as friendship as merely a few days, employees become familiar with the corporate culture of the company. Gradually, a strong bond is established among both which stays forever, either in the form of long term employment or memories.

    Joining a new organization for employment is no doubt an exciting venture. However, without having an adequate understanding of their workplace environment and business process, the experience can turn into worse.

    tips to conduct successful induction training in your Dubai workplace

    For this reason, many organizations across the world initiate newly hired induction training programs.

    What is induction training?

    The employment induction or induction training is a formal way of welcoming newly hired workforce to the organization. It generally includes highlighting the business purpose, elaboration of the company’s mission and vision as well as job responsibilities. Further, a few companies incorporate different essentials skills improvement programs to assist the employees in performing better in their designated duties.

    Not all organizations held in-house induction training, but they acquire third-party services for technical or soft skills training. So, if you are also thinking the same, it is suggested to opt for Ignite Training courses in Dubai to ensure lucrative opportunities of learning for your employees.

    Why is the Induction Program Important?

    Employers overlook the importance of induction sessions. It owes to lack of understanding of how induction helps in the smooth integration of employees within an organization. Consider the given points to understand its value:

    • The provision of job-related information to the newly hired workforce helps the companies to save time and resources.
    • It helps to decrease the ratio of turnover because employees get the confidence of working with higher motivation.
    • Induction sessions help the foster a culture of respect and mutual understanding for augmented self-esteem.
    • It motivates the employees to get into progressive communication with employers for a better understanding of business processes.

    Top tips to conduct successful induction training

    There is no denying that timely delivery of effective induction program is crucial for workforce assimilation. The reason is that it helps the employees to blend into the corporate system without getting confused or irritated. Ultimately, employers get maximum benefits in terms of productivity and performance.

    Let’s consider different ways to make induction programs highly beneficial for new hires:

    Short orientation with department introduction

    First-day orientation means a lot of newly recruited employees. Therefore, it must be initiated inadvertently. The start can be taken with the introduction of different departments and critical employees that need to have interaction with new employees daily.

    Keep it simple yet precise

    The induction process should not be lengthy to frustrate the recruits. It is imperative to keep it simple. But, it does not mean that information is provided partially. Employers should pay attention to incorporate essential information related to work responsibilities, corporate expectations and related stuff.  It will help the new employees to understand their working conditions comprehensively.

    Aware them with workplace culture

    The induction training must include some elements of organizational culture to assist the employees in getting an idea of distinct values of your organization. So, you must remember your business culture to welcome newly hired persons accordingly.

    Enroll them in training courses

    Train them well before sending them to the work field. This is entirely true about newly recruited individuals. It is the primary reason that dynamic organizations operating in the UAE and other countries deliberately select appropriate training programs to ensure employees grooming.

    In case, you have to hire a workforce to work on an emerging technology or need to assign them a new project, don’t forget to obtain training courses Dubai based programs to prepare your workforce for higher performance.

    Takes Away

    Summing up, the intention of the newly recruited workforce to stay or quit largely depends on the ways you welcome them. Therefore, effective induction is the key to retain employees successfully. Be sure to initiate a good start through a comprehensive training session for workforce assimilation.

    Have a happy tenure with your recruits!


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  • 4 Micro-learning Tips To Boost Sales Strategy

    More and more UAE corporates choose micro learning strategies for their sales teams. The reason is this type of learning is more focused, more practical and easier to implement.

    While other training methods prove to be longer and more hectic, micro-learning allows employees to select and apply assets in a shorter time limit and according to their current requirements. It makes micro learning more relevant for business companies.

    Micro-learning tips to boost sales strategy

    Micro-learning also helps to increase employee engagement, enhances efficiency sales results, and improves learners’ interest in taking the training. It is the reason corporates choose micro learning programs for their employees.

    Therefore, arrange micro learning opportunities for your sales team. You can take help from professionals by opting for the best company, specialized in corporate training in Dubai for optimal results. Read on some of the best tips for boosting your sales strategy in this regard.

    Micro-learning tips to boost sales strategy

    Marketers use different training methods to encourage their teams to hit sales targets quickly. Most tips like make more calls, engage with more clients do give results but the results of these training sessions are usually short-lived. For long-term benefits, give these micro learning tips to your sales team:

    Keep It Short & Sweet

    Instead of taking a three months training that will consume more time and effort, keep the training session short and sweet. Don’t complicate the session by adding lots of methods and tips.

    Pro Tip: Talk about one strategy at a time. Your primary goal should be to make everyone understand it. And the training session should not be longer than 10 minutes.

    Reinforce with Questions

    The next tip is to use reinforcement via questions. Ask short and precise questions every day – before and after the training. It will help to clarify confusions and increase the confidence of members to apply the knowledge confidently.

    Use Visual Aid

    Prefer to use visual aid like success story videos, animations and presentations because visual information is easier to digest. Employees will be able to retain data for a longer time if you use visual training method.

    Try to Increase Availability

    The micro-topic should be easy to use – anytime and anywhere. For instance, they should be able to refer to the topic if a team member is seeing a client or the lead has to convert a call. It will make their learning more effective.

    Pro tip: Give access to the training material like presentation slides, video links and training clips to each member of your team. You can also encourage your team to keep the most essential videos in their smartphones.

    Bottom Line

    Micro-learning is one of the methods of training for employees. It proves to be highly beneficial if imparted in the right way. Use the tips mentioned above to benefit from the micro-learning approach.

    In addition, when it comes to training a team, opt for the best corporate training company to take their services and ensure optimal results. After all, a bit of guidance can sometimes prove to be extremely beneficial.

  • How To Motivate Your Diverse Accent-Conscious Sales Team?

    The UAE workforce, regardless of the organization in view, consists of a wide range of expats. From Asian to American, to Australians, the number of expats in UAE stands at a shocking 91%, while only about 8 % of people are UAE nationals.

    With such a vast number of expats working for the firms in the all-sector, it’s common to see, people shying away from their sales functions due to their accents. Your diverse sales force may be a little shy when talking to customers or reps of other client firms. 

    Tips to encourage weak accent-conscious sales team

    Moreover, they may be unable to express themselves effectively and being nervous about their accent may cause them to end up destroying the morale of the rest of the team!

    To boost their confidence, it’s essential to provide them expert help. Opt for experts in sales training Dubai focusing on employee weaknesses and workarounds to create a successful and powerful workforce.

    The article has also highlighted some tips that can help your expat sales team deal with their accent problems!

    Tips to encourage weak accent-conscious sales team

    It may be a little hard at first, but with the right training, even the most difficult functions of an organization can be dealt with. Similarly, although your diverse accent conscious weak sales force may be hesitant, opt for the tips below to help them out:

    Prepare for repetition

    Most people feel it's impolite to ask someone to repeat themselves, so there is a high chance your potential clients wouldn’t do it either. However, since you’re talking sales and it’s important to know that your client understands what you have to say,   prepare sales personnel for repetition.

    Understanding client’s apprehension your sales force should offer to repeat them in case the client hasn’t understood them because of their accent. The confidence of your sales force is bound to impress your potential clients and assure them that the product you are offering is worth buying.

    Workaround their accent

    If your employees are still uncomfortable about talking to their clients and pitching their ideas, there are always workarounds to help them out. Engagement with buyers remains an important aspect of making sales and if your sales force is a little uncertain on how to communicate effectively, here’s how:

    Meet client in person

    When meeting your clients in person, it’s not just words that the client can hear. Body language, passion and the excitement of your sales team member is evident to their potential clients. The use of body language and tone of the voice can be used to clients why they need to opt for your company.

    Skype with them

    Video calls are increasingly being used for more and more interaction with clients that aren't in the same time zone as you. When your client sees you, they're sure to understand your confident body language. When they see that the sale person is dressed well and prepared for the presentation they see a powerful seller.

    When sales personnel are worried about making an impact with their accents, it's important to let them know that other factors can help strengthen their sales pitch!

    Pace out your conversation

    If you’re meeting a client face to face, and you need to interact with them, make sure to pace out your conversation. Speak loud and clear but slow! There are more chances that your client will understand if you're speaking slowly.

    In addition, when you make an important point, something you want them to listen carefully, make sure they repeat what they have to say to help the client understand better.

    Sale away!

    In an organization, no weakness is big enough that it can’t be solved by vigorous training courses offered by the best corporate training companies. To train your diverse sales personnel to grow your customer base despite their thick accents, opt for the best diversity training course. Experts can work around the specific requirements of your sales team and ensure they emerge as the most successful sales team in the Gulf!

  • Why Business Report Writing Training Is Essential For Employees

    The emergence of globalization has forced the workplaces to improve their communication abilities. The reason is that businesses are no longer confined to geographical boundaries. So, employees must come up with higher skills of collaboration in every aspect of communication including written, verbally and non-verbally.

    Although, all three types of communication have an equal share in attaining business objectives but, written skills are considered crucial. Is it necessary to tell that corporate communication is done through writing, writing, and writing?

    why business report writing training is essential for employees

    It is undoubtedly the reason that many business organizations operating in UAE, Europe and another part of the world pay increased attention impart essential skill of business writing to their employee for improved performance. Therefore, eminent training companies in Dubai are hired to help businesses in grooming report writing abilities among their employees.

    What is business report writing?

    Irrespective of the business nature, employees have to correspond through email, letters, and other such writing material. Generally, the format of writing used to do all this is the business report.

    The writing type is frequently used in the public and private sector. So, you may say that it’s the formal writing which focuses on clear and concise communication. The skills of report writing are essential for the employees to convey the message and intentions of their organization. This skill enables the workforce to improve their work efficiency.

    Reasons why companies should ensure business writing training

    Business writing is imperative for organizations’ success. However, not every organization has the luck to have blessed business writers even the Fortune 500 Companies deal with such challenges. Another vital factor to comprehend is that companies spend millions of dollars on training their workforce for leadership, team building, and motivation. However, they overlook the importance of training in business report writing.

    Here are the reasons why business organizations should focus on rigorous training in business report writing:

    Formal corporate correspondence

    Every organization used the writing material to communicate their corporate agenda to the business partners, shareholders, clients, and customers. For this reason, they must have highly trained employees to eliminate the chances of mistakes during corporate correspondence.

    Writing skills distinguish between good and bad personnel

    It is essential to understand that an individual with excellent writing skills is given a higher preference in the corporate sector. So, if your organization is going to represent itself in the local or global platform, it is essential that its employees are well-versed in technical business writing skills. It helps the employer to differentiate between the beneficial and weak personnel.

    Strong business communication reveals the organization’s intelligence

    It is the secret of success that organizations that pay increased attention to improve the skills of their employees through training stand out. The main reason is that effective communication enables organizations to exhibit their intelligence through their correspondence.

    So, no matter you are residing in Dubai or other parts of the UAE, it’s always good to get in contact with professional training companies. So, your employees can produce flawless documents, inspiring email responses and effective generation of business communication report.

    Final Thought

    No doubt, communication is an active ladder towards ultimate success in business. It is not only helpful for the workforce to convey their designated responsibilities but also brings prosperity to the organizations.

    Remember! Enabling your employees to learn basic report structure and essential writing techniques will allow your organization to get a competitive advantage over the rival companies in the marketplace. So, it’s time to initiate rigorous training!


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  • Impact of Leadership Training Programs on Leader

    The leader is the one who inspires others to perform a difficult task. It is an old debate that leadership is inborn instinct of person. However, it is not necessary that every leader must have all the abilities and skills. The training and development programs help the person to improve his leadership skills. Additionally, appropriate guidance enhances the skills of the leader.

    Impact of Leadership Training Programs on Leader

    Impact of Leadership Training

    Every organization has a different environment and the leading authorities must have an understanding of the situation. The training programs in the organizations help the leaders to understand employees and enhance their commitment level. The importance of training programs from a leadership perspective is as follows.

    I. Training helps the leader to understand the culture

    Every organization possesses a different culture which needs to be understood by the leader. Moreover, leadership styles vary according to the culture of the organization. For instance, if organizations got the authoritarian culture, then the autocratic style of leadership is perfect of it. On the contrary, the democratic leadership is preferable in the flexible culture.

    Proper guidance is vital to develop a good leader. In Gulf countries autocratic style is popular. There are various professional training institutes that provide leadership training in Dubai to build effective leaders. The training programs develop the skills in the employees to enhance their commitment level.

    II. Maintaining staff relations

    The employee's relationship is considered as one of the main components of staff relations. The leader must know the background of each employee because employees belong to diverse culture have different psyche and attitude. The training at an organizational level help the leader to understand the employees and develop a proper relationship with them according to their attitudes.

    Employees are the one who brings the organization towards the success of failure. Moreover, a good and healthy relationship between employees and staff is a positive sign for the organization. The understanding of vision and mission is also developed through development programs.

     III. Get the awareness of new leadership skills

    The inspiring personality must have the knowledge of a couple of things. Firstly, he should know the internal challenges of business. The challenges include the hurdle faced by the employees in the working environment such as internal politics and favoritism. Moreover, the knowledge of the external environment makes the leader more influential.

    Workshop and seminars for the leaders provide the guidance to leaders about the challenges and how to deal with the challenges as well?


    Frequent training programs polish the skills of a leader. The demand for development programs is gulf countries are increasing day by day, due to the immense growth in business.

    Additionally, the use of technology to deliver leadership training is a very effective method to give awareness to the people at the organizational level. Other than that, much business solution provides the facility of different training programs and knows the importance of development skills. 


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  • Effective Time Management Tips for Corporate Millennials

    Making up about half the world’s populations at the moment, the “digital natives” or Millennials are expected to make up about 75% of the working population by 2020. With their varying interests and their various competencies, it is essential to train Millennials specific to their workspaces.

    Owing to a cultural shift in the MENA region, individuals under 25 make up about 40% of the total population. Individuals over 20 and fewer than 35 have been seen to occupy powerful positions in the industry.


    Effective Time Management Tips for Millennials


    As Millennials enter the workspace, they’re bound to experience challenges that might hinder their performance in the workplace. Essential time management skills remain crucial for corporate Millennials today! The skills gap is ready to be filled, owing to training courses in Dubai that are ready to provide Millennials with the essentials of workplace management!

    Useful time management tips for corporate Millennials:

    Certain skills are essential when it comes to surviving in the corporate sector. Since Millennials are expected to occupy the workplace in a few years completely, it's necessary for them to learn to manage time according. The following article contains essential tips to help Millennials manage time at their workplace:

    1) Setting goals for themselves

    Goal setting is an art in itself. It’s essential to start from something small that you’re confident you can accomplish in a certain timeline. And work your way upwards. Not only will it encourage you to complete the tasks on time but it also puts you in a loop which allows you to excel to make yourself happy.

    It's important to write these goals down as reminders to tell you what you have set out to do! It's also important to reward yourself after each achievement and in an incremental manner.

    2) Prioritize activities!

    In the list of activities to do at your workplace, there's always going to be something’s that are extremely important and some things that aren't. And there are high chances the most difficult tasks will be those that you don’t want to do.

    A plausible way to manage work is to perform simpler tasks first and then move towards the more challenging ones. List the tasks that you need to do for the day and priorities them in order to help you get done efficiently.

    It also helps to perform the most challenging task when you have the most energy, for that, however, you will have to see which time you're on peak performance.

    3) Walk away from procrastination ASAP!

     Most of the times, we overestimate the time we think something might take. Procrastination may be challenging to break away from however it's critical. Unless you're someone who loves working under deadlines and pressure, it’s time to work on your time management!

     Break free from this vile habit by recognizing why you might be procrastinating and limiting the activities responsible! The corporate environment is fast-paced! No place for slackers!

    4) Take mini breaks

    All you need is a breather sometimes; short semi-frequent breaks are more likely to enhance your work performance because they allow your mind to shift into a new headspace. Although the intense focus on a task is essential, it might not be of use in case there is no time to pause and take a breather!

    Short breaks have the power to stimulate your brain so that you can do a lot more at your workplace.

    5) Schedule, schedule, schedule!

     It's important to know that with every activity it's important to schedule your tasks in the case that you're handling several projects at a time. Between work and personal lives, there's a lot to do, and it doesn’t require much to be able to accomplish that in a day.

    Schedule management is essential too! Schedule all your activities, including gym time and any free time and diners that are otherwise unimportant!

    Training Millennials time management at the workplace

    Owing to the large percentage of Millennials that make up the workplace and the additions with passing the time, it’s essential for Millennials to learn important skills to become future leaders. Having realized the void, well-reputed companies have decided to bridge the gap.

    Millennials training for time management is critical. Opt for professional training courses, customized according to each company’s needs and work to provide employees training they can use to excel in their workplace!

  • Does Your Sales Training Have These Essential Components?

    The stats are pretty predictable yet interesting regarding the corporate training of employees. According to a source, companies who do not support the idea of investing in employee training report a 24% less profit margin compared to companies who invest in employee training!


    Sales Training Components


    With the stats out in the open and the inability of your salesforce to keep up the numbers, it may be time for you to hire trainers for your sales department. But hiring the best name out there may not just be the final step towards success!

    As important as it is to hire company for sales training in Dubai, people for the job, effective training will bring about some visible changes in the sales team (all for good!). It's equally important to tick the basics of an effective training session.

    Seven essential components of effective sales training

    The sales training you choose for your sales force should  do the following for your sales force:

    Enhance customer’s experience

    A sales representative must have empathy for the customer. It is perhaps the most essential quality that is required in sales personnel. The best training sessions should include modules which are focused on creating empathetic sales personnel. 

    Effective sales representatives should have the ability to empathize with customers through all stages of the sale. Effective training will elicit empathy from sales representatives by providing them real-life situations where they can exercise the essential quality.

    Internalizes information about products and market

    “Ok! So, what makes you different from your competitors? You've probably have heard this question a million times. An effective training program emphasizes your unique selling proposition, and sales reps can internalize the information to prevent any discordant or inconsistent information.

    New and existing representatives should be trained for this as they can help with turning potential customers to customers with the right, convincing information.

    Streamlines your sales process

    Any new hires or even the old ones may be unfamiliar with your sales methodology. New hires may be using previous experiences to sell your products, and the overall procedure may be different from your own.

    The training session should level the playing field for everyone on your team, old and new. The sales methodologies that your company uses should be at the forefront when your representatives open or close a deal, and throughout the stages in between.

    Software training

    Regardless of the software that your company is using for their sales department. An effective sales training should be able to provide you, representatives, the essential skills, knowledge, and practice that is required to work on the software.

    Build teams and promote teamwork

    Since your sales representatives will be working in teams, it's essential that they learn the importance of teamwork and working together to achieve goals. Training sessions can help recognize the aspects that bring them together and provide them opportunities where they work in groups to achieve a certain goal.

    Assesses the performance

    Regular assessments are an essential part of training sessions, self-assessment, and external evaluation. The assessments can be used to work on the strengths and weaknesses of the reps and create efficient worker bees with effective productivity.

    Trainers can perform effective assessments by providing reps with the same test tasks and assessing their improvements in the tasks assigned.

    Internalises essential skills in reps

    Role-playing and practice aimed at teaching your employees essential skills is a part of the most effective sales training. It's not just reading from paper and explanations. An effective sales training provides demonstrations and practical examples of what's being taught.

    Since sales may use various ways of learning, it becomes easier for representatives to learn and internalize what they learn. Meetings and real-life phone calls that are a part of these training sessions can provide effective learning for the employees.

    Take away!

    The right and the most effective training sessions are focused on employee growth and expansion of their horizons as sales force representatives. Your sales force is bound to experience a growth in the capabilities and skills once they’ve experienced an effectual training.

    If you're looking for a fruitful training for your sales force, to bring out the most affluent sales person in them, opt for soft skills training courses in Dubai and create a sales force that brings in customers in numbers that seem unreal!

    The best training companies provide you with numerous other soft skills training courses that can help you out so look for the best and you’re set for your business’s lifetime!


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  • Why is Strategic-Thinking Skills Training Essential for Level-1 Employees

    Often when we hear about training the employees, then we only hear about training the experienced employees or specific team. 

    We overlook one thing which is training the people who are just beginning their career. They are the ones who need to have better skills and training programs. This is purely true when it comes to strategic thinking.

    There is a prevailing idea that when it comes to providing strategic thinking skills, then only managers should have it because they are the ones making decisions. However, in this rapidly inclusive business environment, this idea is totally wrong.

    Strategic-Thinking Skills Training Importance

    But what is strategic thinking?

    Well, it is a process of thinking and assessing a situation which brings more benefits to both sides. In the business industry, it is more about evaluating the situation and planning things which will bring more revenue in all possible ways.

    Previously the strategic thinking process went like a manager or members of higher management thought of an innovation, planned out the process to make it come true and then gave the orders to make it happen. Employees were the one who has no input in this process.

    Most of the companies are working the same way, but the trend has started getting ripple effect of the change. This is the effect of training and development aspect has because it gives insight on the importance of providing training to level-1 employees.

    Professionals in corporate training companies in Dubai pay particular attention to level-1 employees because they believe in instilling the skills from the start for better growth and development of the companies.

    Why opt for Strategic-Thinking Skills Training

    Several reasons are complementing the fact that training level-1 employees for strategic-thinking skills should be beneficial:

    The complexity of the business industry:

    When you discuss this era business industry, then you must be aware that competition has gone to another level and people are trying different ways to promote their products and reach out to the customers.

    So considering the complex markets having strategic thinking skills training will enable the employees to come up with something which makes sense and has some sort of strategy.

    Level-1 employees have a better idea about the market because they are exposed to it more than anyone else. They will assess the market and come up with a plan which suits the best.

    Adapt to the dynamics of the market:

    With strategic thinking skills, level-1 employees will not react impulsively. Having better exposure to challenges more than managers the workforce at the lowest level they are able to understand the situation and thus adapt to them.

    The global economy is changing, so the strategic skills are going to play a vital role in that sense. Employees at their career start are going to be pro-active in the demanding industry accelerating the profit for the company.

    Take away!

    Dynamics of the companies and employees training trends are changing, and if you want your level-1 employees to adapt to this, then they need strategic training skills. There is no better time for devising that training program which focuses on the strategic thinking skills than now.

    If you are not sure how to do that, let professionals in Ignite Training in Dubai do that for you.


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  • 7 Most Common Mistakes That Sales Personnel Make

    Sales personnel are an important asset to any business. Think about a life without any sales personnel, and you'll understand what we mean. Sales personnel not only convey the message of the manufacturers to the population but they also convince potential buyers to buy from the businesses that they’re representing.

    The importance of training for sales team has led to an increase in the number of training providers who are working to improve the way a company’s sales force works. Sales training Dubai has become important for the implementation of effective sales techniques that could help businesses flourish.

    Mistakes That Sales Personnel Make

    The following text aims to highlights some common mistakes sales personnel make and how to avoid them:

    Talking too much

    Most salespeople, feel that customer will buy their product if they are able to talk about the properties, attributes, and the background. A customer may not be interested in the information that these sale people provide, which is why most of the information may fall on deaf ears.

    Salespeople should be using an effective strategy to help put the customer instead of going on and about their experience and qualifications. An effective strategy is to ask customers about their business and requirements and then strategies according to the information.

    Allowing the customer to speak about themselves and their business gives the customer the idea that your company may be interested in providing them with the services or products that they desire, and according to their requirements.

    Contacting the wrong people

    Before you provide a sales pitch, do proper research on the person that you’ll be talking to. Gather details on who the person is, what their position in the company is and how they can help with the purchase.

    Although a greater number of contacts may help with making sales, however, it is important to know that the person you’re talking to holds a position in the industry that facilitates the sales process. 

    Taking long to respond to organic leads

    According to research, organic leads tend to go cold very quickly, so it is essential that they are responded to as early as possible. The probability of closing the deal is 20 times greater if the seller responds within five minutes. Ignoring organic leads in order to cater to other parties may be causing a loss of potential customers.

    Being hasty in their dealings

    With sales personnel everywhere, company representatives may not be very trusting of you and your company. It is essential to let the conversation flow naturally. Some important aspects to remember are to avoid the mention of a price in order to avoid sticker shocks in among buyers.

    Similarly offering a discount earlier on in the conversation may ruin chances of higher profit margins. Allow potential customers to inquire about critical aspects themselves.


    After sales personnel have the initial discussion with a potential customer, some might invite them to a meeting, on the phone or in person, however most B2B buyers are only interested in information in the initial stages and might get overwhelmed by the invitation.

    Though uninterested in buying at the moment. They may go on to become some important clients in the future which is why it is essential that a cordial relationship be maintained with them without over-committing. Provide them newsletters and brochures and stay in touch through phone calls, and they will get back to you when they're ready to purchase, if at all.

    Calling out to everyone who listens

    It’s hard to get rejected and may be discouraging for you as well. Sales personnel spend too much time talking to people who can't contribute to sales in any way. Focus on high leads that have a higher potential of turning into deals.Despite the fact that they may be harder to acquire but come with greater rewards.

    Pause prospecting

    When it comes to new businesses, it is important to note that most businesses feel that the businesses will keep flourishing even if they discontinue the prospecting, however, it is important to note that successful sales personnel often have prospecting included in their weekly schedules.

    Take away

    No wonder how successful the business might be, with the well-reputed sales force. Personnel are bound to make mistakes during their day to day dealings.

    However, businesses can now hire experts in sales training Dubai in order to help train their sales personnel in order to streamline the efforts of the sales force and to eliminate any malpractices within their dealings.

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