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  • 7 Most Common Mistakes That Sales Personnel Make

    Sales personnel are an important asset to any business. Think about a life without any sales personnel, and you'll understand what we mean. Sales personnel not only convey the message of the manufacturers to the population but they also convince potential buyers to buy from the businesses that they’re representing.

    The importance of training for sales team has led to an increase in the number of training providers who are working to improve the way a company’s sales force works. Sales training Dubai has become important for the implementation of effective sales techniques that could help businesses flourish.

    Mistakes That Sales Personnel Make

    The following text aims to highlights some common mistakes sales personnel make and how to avoid them:

    Talking too much

    Most salespeople, feel that customer will buy their product if they are able to talk about the properties, attributes, and the background. A customer may not be interested in the information that these sale people provide, which is why most of the information may fall on deaf ears.

    Salespeople should be using an effective strategy to help put the customer instead of going on and about their experience and qualifications. An effective strategy is to ask customers about their business and requirements and then strategies according to the information.

    Allowing the customer to speak about themselves and their business gives the customer the idea that your company may be interested in providing them with the services or products that they desire, and according to their requirements.

    Contacting the wrong people

    Before you provide a sales pitch, do proper research on the person that you’ll be talking to. Gather details on who the person is, what their position in the company is and how they can help with the purchase.

    Although a greater number of contacts may help with making sales, however, it is important to know that the person you’re talking to holds a position in the industry that facilitates the sales process. 

    Taking long to respond to organic leads

    According to research, organic leads tend to go cold very quickly, so it is essential that they are responded to as early as possible. The probability of closing the deal is 20 times greater if the seller responds within five minutes. Ignoring organic leads in order to cater to other parties may be causing a loss of potential customers.

    Being hasty in their dealings

    With sales personnel everywhere, company representatives may not be very trusting of you and your company. It is essential to let the conversation flow naturally. Some important aspects to remember are to avoid the mention of a price in order to avoid sticker shocks in among buyers.

    Similarly offering a discount earlier on in the conversation may ruin chances of higher profit margins. Allow potential customers to inquire about critical aspects themselves.


    After sales personnel have the initial discussion with a potential customer, some might invite them to a meeting, on the phone or in person, however most B2B buyers are only interested in information in the initial stages and might get overwhelmed by the invitation.

    Though uninterested in buying at the moment. They may go on to become some important clients in the future which is why it is essential that a cordial relationship be maintained with them without over-committing. Provide them newsletters and brochures and stay in touch through phone calls, and they will get back to you when they're ready to purchase, if at all.

    Calling out to everyone who listens

    It’s hard to get rejected and may be discouraging for you as well. Sales personnel spend too much time talking to people who can't contribute to sales in any way. Focus on high leads that have a higher potential of turning into deals.Despite the fact that they may be harder to acquire but come with greater rewards.

    Pause prospecting

    When it comes to new businesses, it is important to note that most businesses feel that the businesses will keep flourishing even if they discontinue the prospecting, however, it is important to note that successful sales personnel often have prospecting included in their weekly schedules.

    Take away

    No wonder how successful the business might be, with the well-reputed sales force. Personnel are bound to make mistakes during their day to day dealings.

    However, businesses can now hire experts in sales training Dubai in order to help train their sales personnel in order to streamline the efforts of the sales force and to eliminate any malpractices within their dealings.

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