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    How To Motivate Your Diverse Accent-Conscious Sales Team?

    The UAE workforce, regardless of the organization in view, consists of a wide range of expats. From Asian to American, to Australians, the number of expats in UAE stands at a shocking 91%, while only about 8 % of people are UAE nationals.

    With such a vast number of expats working for the firms in the all-sector, it’s common to see, people shying away from their sales functions due to their accents. Your diverse sales force may be a little shy when talking to customers or reps of other client firms. 

    Tips to encourage weak accent-conscious sales team

    Moreover, they may be unable to express themselves effectively and being nervous about their accent may cause them to end up destroying the morale of the rest of the team!

    To boost their confidence, it’s essential to provide them expert help. Opt for experts in sales training Dubai focusing on employee weaknesses and workarounds to create a successful and powerful workforce.

    The article has also highlighted some tips that can help your expat sales team deal with their accent problems!

    Tips to encourage weak accent-conscious sales team

    It may be a little hard at first, but with the right training, even the most difficult functions of an organization can be dealt with. Similarly, although your diverse accent conscious weak sales force may be hesitant, opt for the tips below to help them out:

    Prepare for repetition

    Most people feel it's impolite to ask someone to repeat themselves, so there is a high chance your potential clients wouldn’t do it either. However, since you’re talking sales and it’s important to know that your client understands what you have to say,   prepare sales personnel for repetition.

    Understanding client’s apprehension your sales force should offer to repeat them in case the client hasn’t understood them because of their accent. The confidence of your sales force is bound to impress your potential clients and assure them that the product you are offering is worth buying.

    Workaround their accent

    If your employees are still uncomfortable about talking to their clients and pitching their ideas, there are always workarounds to help them out. Engagement with buyers remains an important aspect of making sales and if your sales force is a little uncertain on how to communicate effectively, here’s how:

    Meet client in person

    When meeting your clients in person, it’s not just words that the client can hear. Body language, passion and the excitement of your sales team member is evident to their potential clients. The use of body language and tone of the voice can be used to clients why they need to opt for your company.

    Skype with them

    Video calls are increasingly being used for more and more interaction with clients that aren't in the same time zone as you. When your client sees you, they're sure to understand your confident body language. When they see that the sale person is dressed well and prepared for the presentation they see a powerful seller.

    When sales personnel are worried about making an impact with their accents, it's important to let them know that other factors can help strengthen their sales pitch!

    Pace out your conversation

    If you’re meeting a client face to face, and you need to interact with them, make sure to pace out your conversation. Speak loud and clear but slow! There are more chances that your client will understand if you're speaking slowly.

    In addition, when you make an important point, something you want them to listen carefully, make sure they repeat what they have to say to help the client understand better.

    Sale away!

    In an organization, no weakness is big enough that it can’t be solved by vigorous training courses offered by the best corporate training companies. To train your diverse sales personnel to grow your customer base despite their thick accents, opt for the best diversity training course. Experts can work around the specific requirements of your sales team and ensure they emerge as the most successful sales team in the Gulf!


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